Do Pillows Help With Snoring? [Solved!]

Do pillows help with snoring

Everyone snores, at least ”a little”, for some people, it’s a minor annoyance. While for some, it could be disruptive to the point that their relationships are strained, and they develop health problems such as high blood pressure, stroke, etc.

While this is a simple reality, most people just want to know — do pillows help with snoring?. The simple answer is yes, pillows do help with snoring.

In this article, we explain in detail how pillows and sleeping styles can help you reduce snoring. We also provide a list of special pillow designs that can help reduce snoring.

What are the causes of snoring?

Snoring is pretty common and can bring both frustration and embarrassment to you, especially when you do it rapidly.
Here are a handful of factors that can cause snoring:

  • Oral anatomy.
  • Sinus anatomy.
  • Allergies.
  • A cold.
  • Jaw joint disorder and sleep position.
  • Been overweight.
  • Smoking.
  • Too much intake of alcohol.
  • Sleeping on your back.

In spite of the fact that snoring is a normal thing for everyone, excessive snoring should be taken seriously. Because it can lead to serious medical conditions such as sleep apnea, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

Do pillows help with snoring?

Certainly yes, a pillow can help reduce snoring by aligning the head and neck in a way that opens the airways, which allows for normal breathing. More so, since different people have different needs, it’s important to find a pillow that works best for your specific sleeping posture.

How can a pillow help with snoring?

An anti snore pillows can help with snoring by holding your lower jaw in a more forward position that help push your tongue away from the back of your throat. This works perfectly, if your pillow is not too fluffy, too soft, or too firm, as such pillows will cause your spine to probably be out of alignment.

People who sleep on their backs, are more prone to snoring.

Types of pillows that can help with snoring

As mentioned earlier, snoring can result in a couple of health issues, beside been a nightmare for your partner! Below are several pillows which we believe will help you resolve snoring.

1. Brentwood Home Zuma foam wedge pillow

Brentwood Home Zuma foam wedge pillow

The Brentwood Home Zuma foam wedge pillow includes a removable and washable stretch knit cover. It also comes in three heights, allowing a person to choose the height that they believe will be most comfortable for them. This pillow may be useful for people who find it uncomfortable to sleep on their side and prefer to sleep on their back.

2. Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Xtreme Comforts Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

As the name suggests, this pillow comes with memory foam filling that can be adjusted to suit your comfort. The pillow is designed to align the head and neck in a way that opens the airway, allowing for a good night’s sleep.

3. WoodyKnows Side-Sleeping Back Pillow

WoodyKnows Side-Sleeping Back Pillow

If you suffer from snoring issues and want a good night’s rest, consider getting the Woodyknows side-sleeping pillow. The average office worker sleeps for only six hours a night, but if you sleep on your side, it could help you to eliminate snoring and get a good night’s sleep every night
This pillow not only aims to reduce your risk of heart disease, but also strengthen the chances of a better night’s sleep.

Do snore pillows really work?

Anti-Snore pillow can help you stop snoring. Anti-Snore pillows are used in conjunction with other techniques such as chin-up exercises, sleeping on your side and sleeping with your mouth closed. All these techniques reduce the chances of you snoring at night.

How do you find the best anti snore pillows?

There are many options for Anti-Snores pillows, but if you find a pillow that promotes good posture, support for your neck and air circulation around your head and face – you’re most likely onto a winner.

Here are a few things to look out for.

  • The material of the anti-snore pillow needs to be anti-allergenic and have high quality foam that allows it to reshape during sleep.
  • Your anti-snore pillow needs to support your head so that it does not fall forward, as this is an action that can make you snore or wake up with a sore neck the next morning.

If you find the right anti-snore pillow, you will notice a dramatic reduction in your snoring after one week of use.

What sleeping styles is best for snoring?

According to most studies and experts, the best sleeping positions for snorers is on your side. To reduce more snoring, you also need a pillow that supports and cradles your body.

Moreover, as mentioned before, the set of pillows listed above are designed specifically to reduce snoring, and they are worth looking into —ultimately, find out which position feels most comfortable to you before using a new pillow.


Should you elevate your head to stop snoring?

For most people, sleeping with your head elevated is the number one suggestion when it comes to snoring remedies.

Why? Well, sleep professionals have studied snoring for years and have found that four out of five cases of snoring happen because the tongue rests against the throat. By lifting your head, you’re removing that obstruction and allowing the tongue to rest in a more natural state.

How can I instantly cure snoring?

The noise of snoring can be a nightmare for the person who sleeps next to you. In fact, it makes it impossible for them to enjoy their sleep. All things been said, if you are keen to stop snoring, trying your luck with a few of these tips could help:

Does sleeping on your stomach help snoring?

If you’re a snorer or have sleep apnea, then you may be aware of a few different treatments like wearing a mandibular advancement splint, undergoing physical therapy treatments, or even attending stop snoring classes.

One treatment option that doesn’t get as much attention is sleeping on your stomach, as it reduces snoring and sleep apnea. This is not without a price, sleeping on your stomach can lead to tired muscles, a sore back and neck, and trouble waking up when it’s time to rise.

Does a memory foam pillow help with snoring?

One of the most inexpensive, yet effective, snoring remedies is the use of a memory foam pillow. As the name implies, these pillows are made of one-piece memory foam that adapts to the shape of your head and neck, providing you with a comfortable sleeping surface.

The benefits of using a memory foam pillow for sleep apnea and snoring include reduced snoring and better breathing, which means more undisturbed sleep for you.


Snoring is a very common phenomenon, and everyone has experienced it at least once in their lives. However, snoring which is occurring because of your sleeping posture or habits can be treated. So, yes pillows do help with snoring, but you also have to learn how to choose the optimal sleeping posture for yourself.

There are more different pillows on the market today, and you can find the one which fits your sleeping style the best.

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