7+ Best Kid Friendly Sofas in 2022

kid-friendly sofas

You may not necessarily find all the good qualities in single kid friendly sofas, but there are some common features you can look for.

The most important thing when looking for a sofa is to make sure it’s comfy enough to be used as a bed. If you have kids, they will inevitably use the couch as an impromptu bed at some point, so choose something that is comfortable enough for them to sleep on. You also want something that will hold up under regular wear and tear.

In, this article we will highlight the various things you should keep in mind while shopping for your next kid friendly sofas.

What is a kid-friendly sofa?

What is a kid-friendly sofa?

A kid-friendly sofa is one that will not be ruined by your kids spilling drinks or food on it. It needs to be durable, and machine washable as well as dryer safe. If you are looking for a sofa to withstand the wear and tear of kids constantly sitting, jumping, and playing on it, then you should pay more attention to the material used before picking out kid friendly sofas.

Why should you buy kid-friendly sofas?

Kids and sofas don’t mix well at times, and one of the most common reasons parents buy new sofas often time is because their children have turned them into a playground. This is why it’s important to make sure that you get something that can stand up to wear and tear caused by kids crawling, jumping, and playing on your sofas all day long.

The material used for the sofa should also be easy to clean, waterproof, and durable enough to withstand your kids climbing on it constantly.

What to look for when buying kid friendly sofas

If you have kids at home, you probably want to get a sofa that is comfortable and safe for them. You also probably don’t have the time or energy to go from store to store looking for the best kid friendly sofas, that’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and put together this guide on what to look for when buying sofas. Here is what you should keep in mind!


If you have more than two people in your family, a corner sofa will be a perfect addition to your home because, it is spacious and can accommodate more than two people, so your kids won’t have to fight over who sits on the sofa and on the floor.

Also, a corner sofa can be stylish or comfortable with the option of both a contemporary beautiful sofa and a classic corner sofa.

Upholstery Material

When you’re looking for kid friendly sofas, the type of upholstery the sofa carries will be one of the biggest factors you should consider. This is because when you have kids around your home, it’s a guarantee that something is going to be spilled on your sofa, crumbs will fall down the sides and hands will get dirty.

Sofa Colors

There are some colors that just don’t work well with kids. Whites, creams and pale pinks, and blues aren’t the most sensible choices for a family household. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a muted palette. Darker colors can still provide the wow factor – with electric blues, purples, and reds.

Leather Sofa

If you are worried about potential stains, leather can be an excellent choice. It is resilient and can be wiped clean, but it is also stylish, complements pretty much every color palette, and offers timeless appeal.

Fabric Sofa

If you’d prefer a fabric sofa, consider using sofa throws to protect your upholstery. Throws can be removed for cleaning, and they can also add color to the room.

Comfortable Sofa

A sofa will play a major role in the decor of your living room. It’s a place for you and your family to spend some time together, so by choosing wisely, you can ensure it serves you and your family for years to come, with great comfort too.

Best Kid-friendly sofas

When it comes to finding the perfect sofa for your home, you have a lot of different factors to consider. One of the most important factors, especially if you have kids, is finding a sofa that is both comfortable and kid-friendly.

First, make sure the sofa is big enough for your child to comfortably sit and recline on. Second, look for a sofa that has a durable fabric that can withstand being stained or scratched. And finally, make sure the sofa has a soft and comfortable fabric too.

Here are a few we think you will like!

best kid friendly sofas
Photo Credit: Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplas

West Elm Henry Sofa

The West Elm Henry Sofa is perfect for any living space. The sofa has a contemporary design with low-profile arms and diamond tufting to create interest in any room. The sofa’s neutral color complements modern, antique, and classic decor styles and it is kid-friendly.

Wayfair Kaila 91″ Recessed Arm Sofa

These days, many people think that furniture is a luxury. In fact, it doesn’t have to be. There are options available that allow you to purchase great-looking furniture without going broke.

You can find a wide range of sofas on Wayfair. They provide a wide selection for different price ranges and styles along with a variety of fabric options and frame materials. You can also buy slipcovers separately if you’d prefer to change the look of your sofa frequently or if you’re looking for kid friendly sofas.

Floyd the Sectional

sectional sofa
Photo Credit: Sven Brandsma on Unsplash

The Floyd Sectional is a modern and minimal chair designed by Eero Koivisto. It was developed as an embodiment of the characteristics of classic mid-century furniture, but with a contemporary look and feel.

Floyd can be used alone or in combination with other elements to create a comfortable living area that’s easy to configure. The design is very flexible and can be arranged in many different ways depending on the size of the room and how you use it.

Allform 3-Seat Sofa

The Allform 3-Seat Sofa is a versatile and comfortable seating unit that can be used in any room for relaxing and entertaining. It comes with a removable pillow and an armrest that is detachable.

The sofa has a wooden frame and the back of the sofa includes 2 pillows which are removable to enable you to lean comfortably against it when watching TV. The fabric upholstery gives you comfort while also adding elegance to your space.

Inside Weather Issa Sofa

Velvet is usually considered a luxurious fabric made of 100% cotton. However, most velvet today is made with polyester instead of cotton, making it kid and pet-friendly. Cats have a hard time clawing through polyester, so they may not even be tempted to claw or scratch on this fabric—unlike they would on wide-weave fabrics.

Article Cirrus Sofa

The Cirrus sofa is a new design by Article, who has been producing furniture for the past 10 years. Based in London, they create products based on their own designs and innovative techniques. They use natural materials as wool felt and leather to make products that are both functional and beautiful, and kid-friendly.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas are kid friendly sofas which are an excellent example of combining form and function. They can be customized to fit any home environment, yet they still remain aesthetically pleasing.

Modular pieces allow for versatility; different configurations will work in various settings, whether it’s a large living room or small studio apartment. It is also the ultimate space-saving solution since these modular pieces can be joined together to create a larger sofa set that fits anywhere in your house.

What kind of interior design can you use to make your home more kid-friendly?

A lot of people are using interior design to make their homes more kid-friendly. One of the most effective ways is by installing safety gates at all stairways, entrances, and exits for kids to use as a barrier. These safety gates are used by parents to keep their kids safe from falls or accidents that may happen in their homes.

Safety gate installation can be easy if you have the right tools, but it’s also important that you hire professionals rather than doing it on your own

What fabrics can I choose for my custom upholstery that is kid and pet friendly?

The most commonly used fabrics for custom upholstery are Leather, Suede, and Fabric. While leather is the most expensive option, it offers excellent durability and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth after each use. Or in the event, it has a stain.

What are some trending wallpaper designs for kids’ rooms?

trending wallpaper designs for kids’ rooms

With the hot summer-like weather here, it’s a great time to spruce up your kid’s bedroom with new wallpaper. After all, they spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, and having a fun design can make them feel more at home.

I’ve scoured the web for some of my favorite designs that are perfect for kids’ rooms. These aren’t necessarily “kid-themed” but rather modern wallpapers that look good in any room!

  • Use gender-neutral wallpaper with a flexible scheme that will work for both girls’ bedrooms and boys’ bedrooms. As a general rule, choose simple furniture in neutral shades. Accessories with cushions, drapes, and bed linen in either co-coordinating prints.
  • Create a feature wall that’s educational: Create an interesting feature wall that will excite curiosity. A world map can work particularly well in a child’s room, acting as both an educational aid and colorful décor.
  • Choose classic wallpaper for a nursery: use contemporary ideas to decorate your kid’s room.

Tips on keeping your sofa clean!

Keeping your sofa clean is important to maintain the hygiene of your home. Some people find it hard to keep their sofa clean, but there are some tips that can help you keep your sofa in good condition.

First of all, make sure that you vacuum your couch regularly using a soft-bristled attachment to get rid of any dust and dirt. Then use a damp cloth to wipe away the dust and grime, clean your sofa with a dry cloth to restore the shine.

Lastly, keep pets off the sofa as much as possible, and keep them out when eating. Pets shed hair that ends up on the sofa, and then you end up ingesting it with whatever food or drink was on your hand when you petted them. More so, you should keep a lint roller nearby so you can quickly clean any pet hair off of your sofas.

Final thought

We know it can be tough to find the perfect piece of furniture for your home, especially when you have kids. That’s why we put together a list of the best kid-friendly sofas out there. We hope you find the perfect one for your family!

If you have any questions, feel free to check the products out yourself. Also our see our giude for buying a sofa for kids. 

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