Buying Sofa Bed: The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a New Sofa

When it comes to buying a new sofa bed, there are a lot of factors to consider. Which style will best suit my space? What kind of fabric should I choose? How comfortable do I want it to be?

These are all important questions to answer before making a purchase. But another thing to keep in mind is the cost. Sofas can be really expensive, so it’s important to set a budget and stick to it.

Besides that, there are many different types of sofas availab le on the market, and each one has its own unique set of pros and cons.

This guide will help you  find the perfect sofa that will suit your style and budget.

Buying sofa bed: What makes a sofa bed unique?

There are many different types of sofa beds, so it’s important to choose one that is right for your needs. Some sofa beds have storage space underneath, while others can be folded out into a bed.

How to choose a sofa bed: 8 Important Things to Consider

There are many materials that go into making a sofa. Some are more durable than others, but some are better. Although a sofa with all-foam cushions and a frame made of particle-board might be the most economical, it will not be the longest-lasting, nevertheless, you might be fine with that!

A Wooden Frame

This is the key to a sofa that’s well-made, but there are other factors that can affect durability.

It should be kiln-dried.

Kiln-dried wood means that the wood has been dried in an oven until it reaches a moisture content of seven to eight percent. Air-dried wood may not reach that seven to eight percent mark, which can lead to wood shifting and warping. Furniture made from wood with low moisture content is best.

You can choose from engineered or solid wood

You can choose from engineered or solid wood.

Either engineered or hardwood is a great choice. Hardwood is simple: It is strong and provides a solid frame. Engineered wood essentially, means “taking a wood tree and making engineered plywood from it so there’s less waste material.” Cross-banding makes it a strong frame. It can be cut in and welded together so that you have a lot more reinforcement. Then, scrap is recycled.

Remember to include joinery

Next, there is the assembly of a sofa. To make a sofa sturdier, frames are often dowelled, stapled, or glued. At Arhaus, for instance, you can see how these different methods work together.

The force of the staples being inserted into the wood frame creates enough heat and friction that the glue melts, creating a stronger bond. The frames are then corner-blocked in all corners and braces are added along the length of each frame.

How the legs are attached is also important, thus you should look for sofas with legs that are attached to the frame or wooden dowels. The stronger the frame, the longer your sofa will last.

Good suspension

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash

Every sofa has a suspension system. This can be coil, webbing, or ties. It’s crucial to the sofa’s quality as well as your comfort. Experts recommend the eight-way hand-tied, sinuous spring as the most comfortable.

Eight-way hand-tied:

If you are looking for the best system, then look no further than this. Eight-way “An eight-way hand-tied suspension means that each spring has been tied individually in every direction, this can help distribute the weight better. Because they are the most intricate, eight-way hand-tied sofas can be the most costly.

Sinuous spring:

Quintana refers to sinuous springs, a lighter and more affordable alternative that can still be effective when used correctly. Schmitz describes this system as a “series of thick metal wires that are attached to the sofa’s wooden frame to provide support.

Comfortable Cushions

You will not love sitting on a sofa without a sturdy frame and suspension.

Quintana states that Dacron-wrapped foam cushions, which are made from polyurethane, are the most popular but not the most comfortable. 100 percent down, on the other hand, is luxurious and extremely comfortable. However, you can sink into it, which sometimes makes it more difficult to get up again. He recommends that you choose a combination of both.

Quintana states, “I would use mixed materials.” Quintana says, “For example, a soft- or medium-density foam core wrapped in an 80/20 feather.

How to use a pull-out sofa bed

Buying a Sofa Bed: The Ultimate Guide

Pull out the bed:

Remove cushions and pillows from the couch and pull the mattress out from under it. The mattress can be heavy, so you may need assistance.

Put on the sheets and blankets:

Once the mattress is out, place sheets, blankets, and pillowcases on the mattress. Make the bed as if it were a standard bed.

Put back the cushions and pillows:

Put back all of the cushions and pillows that were on top of the mattress when it was in couch form. They will sit on top of the bed once folded up.

Unfold the bed:

To unfold a fold-out style sofa bed, lower the back of the couch until it is flat to make a twin-sized or larger bed. Use your hands to prop up each side’s headboard if it has headboards. This will help keep them in place when folding up your sofa again.

Lastly, spread out your sheets, blankets, and pillow onto your sofa bed as you would on any other bed.

The benefits of using a sofa bed

Here are few benefits of using a sofa bed:


A sofa bed can be a good alternative to buying a separate sofa and bed.

Efficient space-saver: A sofa bed can come in handy in small apartments, guest rooms, dens and offices. It can turn a single room into both a living area and a bedroom.

Comfortable seating:

When used as a sofa, a sofa bed offers comfortable seating for two or three people.

Multiple options: Sofa beds are available in many different price ranges and styles that include leather, microfiber and traditional upholstery. Some even come with drawers for storage underneath the mattress.

Easy to convert:

Some sofa beds pull out easily while others fold out with one simple motion. The mattresses on most modern sofa beds are thin, but they tend to be comfortable enough for sleeping.

Convenient for guests:

Sofa beds provide convenient extra sleeping space for overnight guests, making them more comfortable than air mattresses or sleeping bags on the floor.

The Right Sofa for You

The most important factors to consider when shopping for a sofa is not only how it was made but also the scale of your life. You don’t want to buy a sofa simply because it looks good. You want one that is comfortable and will be used as you intended.

Find the features that suit your lifestyle

Designer Ariel Okin says to start by asking yourself how the sofa will be used. Is the sofa going in a formal living area where entertaining is more important than it is in a playroom? She asks and points out that this will affect the type of couch you choose.

Also, consider who is going to be using it. Designer Mikel Welch told House Beautiful that while you should consider your pets and children, it is important to remember their style of lounging.

Welch states that if you like to sleep on your sofa, you should consider a feather down. This case also requires you to consider the fabric you choose: “You want a fabric which repels moisture and oils.” You’ll want to stick with darker colors and use a nubby fabric that will conceal soils and stains.

When choosing the style and fabric of your cushion, keep these things in mind. This will help you make the right purchase.


Comfort is as important as materiality when it comes to style. Sofas can have either a loose or tight seat, or the same goes for the back cushions.

Take a tight seat:

A tight or bench seat is one that has only one cushion. Quintana states that these seats are great for dining and desks, such as chairs or banquettes. As long as you are able to sit straighter, tight seats can be great for entertaining and conversing. Williams says tight seats are the best option. Schmitz agrees that bench seats such as these are more pleasing to the eyes, but they wrinkle more because of the longer fabric.

Loose seat: 

The seat cushions can be separated, such as in a two-seater or three-seater. This is called a loose seat. Quintana states that loose seats are more comfortable in a living room. They’re perfect for relaxing and lounging. Although tight backs are more common, a good loose-back sofa with a loose seat is a great choice for comfort and luxury.

It is important to take into account the depth of your sofa. Take a look at the depth of your sofa.

The sofa depth

Kastler says that the deeper the sofa, the more comfortable it is. Kastler explains that the deeper you go, the more space you will need to relax in your chair or spread out while reclining. Schmitz states that a sofa’s comfort is best when it has a deep frame and a larger seat cushion.


sofa Fabric

You can have a sofa made in any fabric you like, provided you don’t have children or pets. If you want your sofa’s durability to last for many years, it is worth looking into more durable fabrics that are easier to clean and can withstand wear and tear better.

Even if your pet is not a cat or dog, a fabric that can withstand pets will likely withstand any other life events. And if you plan on spending years on the couch watching Netflix, it should be able to withstand everything, from spills to snags.

Slipcovers that can be washed

They are always a good choice. He says that slipcovers are easy to clean and look great. You can also buy multiple slipcovers so you can refresh your look each season.


If you are looking for something more, this is another option. A sofa that is easy to clean is a great choice for pet owners and children.

Woven fabrics

These fabrics, which are textured and can even have subtle patterns, such as what Welch has described for sofa sleepers, are great for pets because they conceal stains better and can hide pet hairs and scratches.


Although the style of your sofa may not affect its durability, Kastler states that “You want something you will love for many years” and that it will match your home’s decor. If you don’t have the money to replace your sofa every few decades, you shouldn’t buy a trendy sofa.

Make sure it fits by measuring

Even though you could have the best, most comfortable, and well-made sofas in the world they won’t fit into your home.  You don’t want to have to call the Couch designer to come cut your sofa in half just to fit it in your place.

These measurements are important, regardless of whether you’re purchasing a sectional, traditional sofa, or loveseat.

  1. The length of the sofa
  2. The width of the sofa
  3. The sofa’s height
  4. The diagonal dimensions of the sofa
  5. The angle of the back (the pitch of the couch)
  6. Your ceiling heights
  7. The length of the legs and whether they are screwed or not.

Note your sofa will need to pass through the doorways, this is why it is important to buy a sofa with the right width and height that fits your home. while this might be so important you equally need to ensure that the sofa you bought looks good once it’s in your home.

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