What Are the Safest Sheets? [Solved!]

What Are the Safest Sheets

What are the safest sheets? As the weather grows colder, there’s nothing better than snuggling up under warm blankets. But the kind of materials that sheets are made from can make or break your night of restful sleep.

In most cases, the average bed sheet set you’ll find at a bedding store will probably consist of 90% cotton and 10% polyester.

While these may seem like the best choice at first glance, the truth is that most synthetic fibers don’t breathe, which causes sweating and can even cause allergic reactions.

Our goal in this article is to show you everything you need to know in other to find that perfect set of sheets.

What Are the Safest Sheets?

There is a lot of debate about bedding materials. What might seem the safest sheets for you might not be best for another person— another type may work much better for someone else.

Therefore, when selecting a sheet set, it’s important to consider the benefits of various fabrics. There are many options out there, but you’ll want to select sheets that will not only be comfortable but also good for your health.

According to research, the best sheet materials in regard to health and safety are made with natural fibers such as cotton, bamboo, hemp, and wool.

HDPE cotton provides the breathability you want from your sheets so you can sleep comfortably. A cotton sheet is both durable and eco-friendly since it doesn’t have any chemical treatments applied in its production. It also doesn’t pill when washed so it stays smooth and soft for sleeping.

What is the safest material for sheets?

What is the safest material for sheets

Bamboo, cotton, and flax are the most popular natural materials used in bed sheet production. Bamboo, which has flexible properties that don’t scratch or disrupt your sleep, is an ideal material.

But not all bamboo sheets are made with high-quality bamboo due to substandard manufacturing processes. Cotton also tends to be a popular choice for sheets because of its pleasant warmth and smooth feel during sleep.

So, when making your purchase, the first thing to look at is what type of material the sheet set is composed of — This can help reduce some of the risks of chemicals being absorbed through your skin while you are sleeping. See our other article on the healthies bedding!

How to choose the safest bedding

  • Choose only 100% natural fibers to sleep in, including cotton, linen, silk, and wool. These allow your skin to breathe while naturally wicking moisture away from your body.
  • Avoid synthetic fibers, like satin sheets for example, which may feel good to the touch but are treated with chemicals and do not allow your skin to breathe. They also create static electricity that affects the electro-climate of your bedroom.
  • Avoid mixed/blended fibers. These might look and feel like cotton or silk, but often they’re mixed with synthetic fibers to improve the texture and reduce costs for the manufacturer.
  • Avoid all chemically-treated sheets

Best Chemical-free bed sheets

100 percent organic cotton sheets are a great choice if you’re looking for an affordable set that feels amazing against your skin. Just be sure to look for a seal of approval from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards), which means that the fabric was made with no pesticides or synthetic chemicals, and was grown using environmentally friendly farming methods.

Here are a few of the best chemical-free bedsheets!

1. Coyuchi Organic Percale Sheets

Coyuchi Organic Percale Sheets

Coyuchi is a 300-thread-count sateen sheet set that has a silky feel and comes in tons of colors. Made from 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton, it’s both soft and durable, plus there’s no sheen or luster that you see with some satin sheets.

The company also uses low-impact dyes, so you can sleep peacefully knowing these sheets won’t harm your body or the environment.

2. West Elm Organic Cotton

West Elm Organic Cotton

The West Elm 400-Thread-Count Sheets come in five colors, including white, ecru, taupe, mist, and charcoal. You can choose between twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. The fitted sheet is fully elasticized to ensure a snug fit around any mattress up to 17 inches deep.

On top of that, they’re 100% organic cotton and woven into a percale weave that has a matte finish with a crisp texture. This type of weave allows for breathability that wicks away moisture from your body while you’re sleeping. That way, you don’t wake up feeling sweaty or overheated.

3. H&M Organic Cotton Sheet Set

H&M Organic Cotton Sheet Set

H&M’s cotton sheet sets are available in a variety of colors and prints, so you’re sure to find one that suits your bedroom.

They’re soft, durable, and super easy to care for—there are many benefits to cotton bed sheets. This smooth material gets softer over the years.

The fitted sheet has elastic all around with a 50 cm depth, making them suitable for mattresses up to 26 cm high.

4. Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set

Boll & Branch Solid Hemmed Sheet Set

Boll & Branch’s percale sheets are stellar. They’re cool and crisp, yet somehow manage to feel lusciously soft. This set has a subtle sheen that creates a very polished look, and it’s heavy enough that it will stay glued to your bed, even in the dead of summer.

The sheets come out of the dryer looking great — no wrinkles or pilling to be found — and hold up well over time. We’ve had these sheets for almost two years now, and they still feel great and look brand-new. (We did notice some slight pilling on the underside of the fitted sheet after about a year, but nothing that was visible when we slept on the bed.) The only issue is that they take forever to dry.

A note on sizing: Boll & Branch offers king-size pillowcases with each queen-size set. Usually, I’m not a fan of this “extra” pillowcase, as it tends to be too small for my king pillows. But because Boll & Branch uses such a generous amount of fabric, it actually fits just fine.

How to fix a bedsheet on a bed

If you’re tired of bed sheets coming off the corners of your bed, you’re not alone. It can be frustrating to make a bed only to have the sheets slip off while you’re sleeping. If this has happened to you, don’t worry.

There are many ways to keep sheets on your bed. Here are eight simple solutions that will have your bed looking crisp and neat in no time.

Clip Corners or Fasten With Sheet Suspenders

Sheet suspenders are clips with straps that attach your fitted sheet to the mattress. A quick search online will yield several different styles at varying price points.

Use Stretchy Bands

If you don’t want to spend money on sheet suspenders, use an elastic band instead. Simply wrap an elastic band around each corner of your mattress and attach it to the corners of your sheet. The elastic band will keep the sheet snug against the mattress and prevent it from slipping down.

Zip the sheets

Zipped sheets are a relatively new product that allows you to easily zip sheets on and off as needed. These sheets have a zipper sewn into one side that allows you to fasten them like a pillowcase. Zipped sheets can be more expensive than standard bedding sets but work well.

Use elasticized sheet straps

Another option is to use elasticized sheet straps that are sewn underneath the fitted sheet’s corners. The elastic loops attach directly to the mattress corners and serve as an anchor point for a flat portion of the strap that’s tucked underneath the mattress.

This approach works well with deep mattresses because it doesn’t require any special fittings on top of the bedding that could interfere with your comfort. And if you’re using a mattress pad or other protective covering, these straps won’t cause any wear or tear on those materials as they might with all-metal clips.

Final thought!

Besides the sheets being safe for you and your children, they’ll also feel good to the touch. Sheets that are made of 100% natural fibers like cotton, linen, silk, and wool are soft, comfortable, and absorbent.

Avoid synthetic fibers (they feel like plastic) like satin sheets or rayon. And mixed/blended fibers (like cotton with polyester or linen with polyester) will not breathe well when it’s hot and could cause skin irritation like rashes. Twist has a variety of 100% Egyptian cotton sheets for adults and Ts kids that can make your dreams come true.

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