What Type of Bed Base Is Best? [Solved!]

What Type of Bed Base Is Best

When choosing a bed base, the style you settle for will depend on both the mattress that it supports as well as your own personal styling preferences.  Besides that, the first thing to know is whether or not you have a traditional pocket sprung mattress or a different variant.

As with most household items, finding what type of bed base is best for you could be more complicated if you are buying a bed frame for the first time— you probably have no idea of what type of mattress base to choose or how to match it with your selected Mattress.

While this might be true, you should keep one thing in mind — Bed bases do make a whole lot of difference, they are designed to support your mattress, and the wrong bed frame can impact your mattress, and the quality of sleep you get, so take the time to carefully consider what type of bed base is best for you.

In this article, We provide you detail information that will guide you in deciding what type of bed base is best for your specific needs.

What type of bed base is best?


Pocket sprung edge bases are widely considered the best you can buy because of their construction and overall feel— they are a luxurious base to sleep on and can stand the test of time because they’re padded to maximize comfort than a spring mattress or an upholstered foam base would.

If you have got the right bed base and you are perhaps a side sleeper, see also that you pair it with the right accessories, in that case: you will need to check out our other articles on best pillows for side sleepers and best back support pillows for bed.

With that being said, here are a handful of the best type of bed bases you can choose from.

Solid bed frame

A solid base is a common type of bed base that comes with flexible slats which connect each sides of the bed, with a storage space underneath the mattress.

Slate bed frame

A slatted bed frame, also dubbed platform bed, is a type of bed design that provides no box spring or mattress support. Instead, the slats of the frame itself provide the space to accommodate a mattress.

Ensemble base

A solid bed frame comes with storage facility underneath the mattress; however, the connections between each side of the frame are fixed— this type of bed base is more stable than a slat base.

Platform base

This type of bases comes with more stylish and modern designs, with some made of wood pieces with an elevated platform where the mattress rest on. They are best for form only mattresses.

Adjustable base/ Electric bed frame

This is a smart bed frame which comes with lots of customization options for different resting and sleeping position, which you can easily adjust with help of remote control.

While this might seem to be the best option, after all we live in jet age; you need to be careful when choosing this bed frame because it accepts only few mattresses.

How important is a good bed base?

What type of bed is the strongest
  • A good bed base is extremely significant, otherwise your mattress might not be giving you the support you need.
  • It also ensures the right amount of pressure on your mattress, which has a direct impact on your comfort.
  • Good bed base guarantees the right level of ventilation for your mattress, and this can help lengthen the life span of your mattress.

Frequently asked question!

What type of bed is the strongest?

When it comes to bed frames, there are so many possibilities. There are iron frames, solid wood frames, and even an adjustable bed base.

However, when it comes to durability and strength, solid wood bed frames are sturdy and are unlikely to break under pressure or force.

How often should you change your bed base?

It has been estimated that eight out of every ten beds are replaced after twelve years, and almost a quarter are replaced within the first eight years.

This means that if you have purchased or received your bed 8 -12 ago, then the chances are your bed could be due for replacement.

Although most spring mattresses aren’t sold on warranties, there is a two-year guarantee with most sprung beds or bases. Most sprung mattresses will tend to sag in the center from around eight years of age, whilst other parts of the construction can also deteriorate such as head, foot and side wings.

How much weight can a slat bed hold?

A typical standard wooden bed frame with a slatted foundation has two 2×6 slats which measure 3″ x 6” x 12’’ thick and can hold up to 600 lbs.

How can I make my bed quieter?

A noisy bed is both an annoyance and a safety risk, so it’s necessary to make your bed quieter. And one simple way to reduce these noise is to attach furniture pads under the legs of the bed frame. This will muffle any excess movement, as well as any creaking noises that may accompany it.

Final thoughts!

Before you buy a bed base, it is important that you consider that all bed bases are not the same. Each bed base is basically designed for a specific purpose and might not be suitable for sleeper of all kind.

Ultimately, the best bed base for you will be the one that matches your personality, budget and bedroom designs.

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