Buying a Sofa for Kids: 10 Top Secrets

buying a sofa for kids

With so many ways to furnish a child’s room, it can be difficult to know what to consider when buying a sofa for your kids. Luckily, this article will highlight the various things you should keep in mind before making a decision.

Buying a Sofa for Kids

Buying a Sofa for Kids

Kids’ furniture has to fulfill some lofty requirements, and we aren’t just talking about soft beds, either. From safety issues to concerns about durability, style, comfort, and price. Dressing up a child’s room can be as much fun as you thought, but way more work than you expected.

Note: kids’ furniture isn’t just scaled-down adult furniture designed for smaller bodies. It has to be able to take a beating without breaking or becoming a hazard in other ways. It should be held to a higher standard.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has guidelines for durable goods designed for use by children under the age of 12, including furniture, bedding, and toys. It’s called the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA).

It provides an extra level of protection that can help ensure that the products you buy are safe for your child to use, so it certainly won’t be out of place to check the guideline when buying a sofa for kids.

10 Tips to Consider When Buying a Sofa for Your Kid

  1. Sofa Fabric

Your kids’ personality or lifestyle is an important factor to consider when deciding on a sofa fabric. For instance: aesthetic fabrics like silk and velvet are perfect for grown-up living in a spacious room.

On the other hand, sofas made with leather fabrics are much easier to clean when your kids spill food on them, another good option sofa is those with stain-guarded twill, they are perfect for kids because they are easy to maintain.

  1. Cushion appearance

Tailored cushions look sophisticated for kids, as some of them have a great mix of tailored bottom cushions and loose top pillows. While upholstered cushions look casual and comfortable for kids.

  1. Comfort

Most times it is easy to get carried away with the appearance of a sofa but it is always good to opt for a sofa that offers your kids a great deal of comfort.

  1. Shape

The shape lines of a sofa are an important element of the overall look. The shape of this sofa is undeniably feminine and traditional.

  1. Frame

Sofas with solid frames are the most preferred option for kids. And since you are going to spend a good amount of money you should try and test the sofa in order to get a feel for the construction and how well it will hold up.

  1. Legs

In furniture design, the legs that support a piece of furniture are as important as the frame. The legs may be made from metal or wood and have a variety of styles.

For example, you can find cabriole legs with ball feet on a sofa. These look terrific if they match the rest of the style perfectly.

  1. Pattern

If you’re worried about a busy-looking room, a pattern on upholstered pieces can help to break the overall look and even pull in colors from other elements of your kid’s room.

  1. Size

When you are thinking of buying a sofa for your kids, size is one of the most crucial things to consider. Because the sofa needs to fit into the space in your Child’s room, let it not be too large or too small.

  1. Arm style

The style of the sofa is influenced by its arms. Sofas with rolled arms styles add a feminine Art Deco element, while sofas with straight arms would look masculine and modern.

  1. Color

It’s hard to go completely neutral when choosing a sofa. This is because you want it to work in multiple spaces. But if you love sofas with lots of colors, go for it, this might even make it more exciting.

Reasons to Buy a Sofa for Kids

A sofa for kids is a big purchase, but they are worth the investment. A sofa for kids will provide years of comfort and entertainment. There are many reasons to buy a sofa for kids, including that it can be used as a second living room, bedroom, or guest room. With some customization, you can make the sofa your child’s favorite place to hang out with friends or watch movies on the weekend.

Additionally, buying a sofa for kids will guarantee that their little feet won’t get cold because there’s no draft on the floor. It also saves space in the living room and gives the kids their own private space. Though the couch gets dirty easily, especially if they spill anything on it or make a mess while eating on the sofa.

Types of Sofas Available

sofa for kids

There are different varieties of Sofas. Sofa manufacturers have been developing sofas specifically for children’s rooms with lower backs and no armrests. And most of the sofas are made from durable materials that can withstand a child’s rough play.

Budget-friendly sofas for kids

Modern Sofas for kids can be very budget-friendly, cozy, and striking. You can find these kid-friendly sofas in a variety of colors and sizes. You should also consider the material the sofa is made from, how it is constructed, and what type of cushions they have before making a purchase.

Where to buy kids sofa

When you’re shopping for a sofa for your kids, the first question to ask yourself is where you will be purchasing it. You can purchase a sofa from an online furniture retailer, but there are also brick and mortar stores that sell furniture as well, feel free to go with the option that best suits you.

What are the furniture options available for kids?

What kind of interior design can you use to make your home more kid-friendly
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If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to furnish a room for an infant, toddler, or preteen, it can be overwhelming trying to find something that will work for both safety and style.

To help you out, see our list of the different types of kid-friendly furniture available today

Bean Bags

Active toddlers love to hop, skip and jump. You can pick bean bags for such little ones. Pick bean bags with washable covers so they can withstand spills and paints and ones that come with locking zippers preventing the little fingers from getting pinched.

If you have a baby and plan to buy things for him, go for plastic chairs instead of heavy wooden ones. The former is lighter and safer if it falls on your child, unlike the latter which can hurt them if they fall.

Plastic chairs

Plastic chairs are better for your child than heavy wooden ones. Since the former is lighter, it is safer in case your child falls on it.

Convertible High chairs

Get a convertible high chair that can be adjusted to suit your kid’s growing needs. This allows for flexibility and saves you from having to buy a new chair as your child grows.

Portable Cots with Safe Mattresses

Portable cots can be used for a variety of reasons, such as when traveling and staying in hotels. The portable cot with a safe mattress is perfect for your little one because it will let them sleep comfortably even when you are not at home.

Round Table

Make sure that your toddler’s furniture is safe. Avoid sharp edges on tables and chairs, and opt for round tables without any edges.

Your child can put his storybooks on the table while reading them without getting hurt in any way.

What fabrics can I choose for my custom upholstery that are kid and pet friendly?

While most fabrics are suitable for upholstery use, some are more suited than others. It all depends on what you want out of your furniture and how much wear and tear it is likely to get.

Understanding the different types of fabric will help you choose the right one that suits your needs. Here are some suitable fabrics for upholstery

  • Leather
  • Microfiber
  • Velvet
  • Canvas

What kind of interior design can you use to make your home more kid-friendly?

Trends in interior design are always changing. When you’re working with kids, however, there’s one key factor that shouldn’t change—safety.

So, if you’re looking to make your home child-friendly without sacrificing style or comfort for the adults, here are some tips on how to create a space in which everyone can feel at ease.

  • Opt for Round Conner Tables

Safety is a top priority in a home, and one way to ensure safety is to avoid tables with sharp corners, so when shopping for accent tables consider those that are round.

Many people choose them in living rooms (and other rooms) because they don’t have sharp corners, which can be dangerous to kids.

  • Secure Bookshelves to Walls

Safety is incredibly important in rooms where kids spend time, and one of the best things you can do is to make sure tall bookshelves and other large furniture items are properly secured to the wall. In other to avoid damage.

  • Use an area rug

Soft rugs can add a touch of style and safety and even color to many rooms. They can also be quite comfortable, especially when placed in front of the fireplace or under the dining room table.

For a room where kids will be playing, it’s a good idea to have soft rugs for them to sit and play on.

  • Opt for Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable furniture is a must for every home. And there is nothing more uncomfortable than a sofa or chair with hard lines and edges. Test out sofas and chairs before buying them to make sure they are comfortable for people of all ages.

  • Use Slipcovers

One method of protecting upholstered furniture is with slipcovers. You can get loose-fitting or tight-fitting covers, and if they get dirty you can simply take them off and wash them.

  • Durable Fabrics

Spills and dirt are bound to happen, so it’s best to be prepared. Select durable upholstery fabrics for your couch or sofa so you’ll have a fabric that can stand the test of time.

Final Thoughts

Our tips should make your shopping for a kids’ sofa a lot easier. Don’t rush the process and keep these key points in mind while you shop to make sure you get the best deal possible on a great couch for your child’s room. Now that you know what to look for, we hope this article has been helpful.

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