Arhaus Coburn Delivery and Assembly: A Guide


Arhaus furniture stands out in a crowd for their unique blend of design, craftsmanship, and sustainability. Among their collection, Coburn model is a definitive balance of comfort and style that offers a range of customizing options. The private bliss of owning a piece of Arhaus furniture can be further enhanced by a clear understanding of its distinctive features, delivery processes, and assembly instructions. This journey starts with exploring the design and the materials used in the construction of the Coburn model, deeply comprehending Arhaus’s delivery guidelines and procedures, and preparing oneself for the task of assembly.

Understanding Arhaus Furniture

Understanding Arhaus Furniture: The Coburn Model

Arhaus is a renowned furniture manufacturing company that prides itself on producing high-quality, artisan-crafted furniture that incorporates internationally sourced materials. The Coburn model from Arhaus is particularly notable for its robust and sophisticated industry-class design.

The Coburn model utilises a blend of natural and engineered materials to construct its durable and visually appealing furniture pieces. Several materials are incorporated into the construction of a piece of Coburn furniture; these typically include kiln-dried hardwood, sinuous springs, premium high-density foam, and high-performance upholstery fabrics or leathers.

Design Aspects of Coburn Model from Arhaus

Each Coburn furniture piece showcases a foundational design that combines functional simplicity with elegant sophistication. This aesthetic balance is achieved through the use of clean lines, ergonomic design principles, and carefully chosen materials that enhance the look and feel of the product. The end result is a furniture piece that is comfortable, durable, and visually appealing.

One defining design characteristic of the Coburn model is its focus on spaciousness and comfort. Arhaus achieves this through generous seating sizes and plush, deep-set cushions. This design approach makes Coburn furniture pieces ideally suited for lounging, relaxation, or hosting guests.

Component Breakdown of Arhaus Coburn Furniture

Understanding the various components that make up a piece of Coburn furniture can help you appreciate the construction quality and will be useful when it comes to assembly.

The primary components of a Coburn furniture piece include the frame, cushions, and upholstery. The frame, typically made of kiln-dried hardwood, provides the structural backbone for the piece. Sinuous springs are incorporated into the frame design to provide optimal strength and comfort.

Next, cushions used in the Coburn model are filled with premium high-density foam to ensure long-lasting comfort and support. The cushions are deep-set and plush for maximum relaxation.

Finally, the upholstery layer, which covers the entire furniture piece, is typically crafted from top-quality fabrics or leathers. The Coburn model often features performance velvets and leathers which offer additional durability, ensuring the piece can withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining an elegant, luxurious appearance.

In summary

Each component of an Arhaus Coburn furniture piece is thoughtfully designed and crafted, resulting in a comfortable, durable, and visually striking addition to any living space. Understanding these elements will aid in the smooth delivery and assembly of your Coburn piece.

Image of the Arhaus Coburn Model furniture piece in a living space.

Delivery Process

Arhaus Furniture Delivery Guidelines

Arhaus furniture delivery works seamlessly due to its thoughtful process. They offer a White Glove Delivery Service, which means your furniture will not only be delivered, but also assembled and set up in your chosen room. Every piece of furniture is inspected before delivery. The delivery team will also remove all packaging materials so that you can begin enjoying your new furniture immediately. If it is an in-stock item, it will usually be delivered within 2 weeks. However, for items requiring more customization or additional handling, delivery can take up to 12 weeks. Be aware that delivery can only be fulfilled within the contiguous USA with no international service available.

Preparing for Delivery

As you prepare for the delivery of your Arhaus furniture, it’s important to ensure clear and open pathways in your home for the delivery personnel to navigate through. Remove any fragile items or obstacles that could be damaged or create a hindrance during the delivery. You should also check that the selected room for your new piece has enough space for it to be assembled and placed. It’s a good idea to measure entryways, hallways, and stairs to ensure the item can be maneuvered into place.

Need-to-Know: Arrival of Arhaus Furniture

Upon the arrival of your Arhaus furniture, there are few steps you should follow meticulously. First, schedule a time for delivery that is convenient for you and ensure that there is an adult present to sign for the delivery. Second, review your delivered item carefully before the delivery team leaves. Document any potential damage or discrepancies with the order in detail for the delivery team so that any issues can be addressed promptly.

Also, make note that Arhaus may make up to two delivery attempts. After the second failed attempt, additional charges may apply. Be sure to align your schedule appropriately to avoid such fees. Lastly, if your furniture needs assembly, the delivery team will do so as part of the White Glove service. So, kindly instruct them where the assembled item should be located within your room.

Arhaus stands behind the quality of their products and hence, customer satisfaction is at the heart of their delivery process. Balancing these guidelines with your specific need will ensure an easy and enjoyable Arhaus furniture delivery experience.

Image of a delivery team assembling furniture in a living room

Photo by randyfath on Unsplash

Coburn Assembly Instructions

Understanding the Assembly Instructions

The first step to successfully assembling an Arhaus Coburn furniture piece is to thoroughly examine the assembly instructions provided. This user guide will not only clearly define the assembly process but also prevent any possible confusion or missteps. Typically, the instructions include visual aids alongside text, providing you a holistic understanding of the assembly process. Read through the entire guide before starting and reference it frequently during the assembly.

Identifying Necessary Tools

Arhaus Coburn assembly instructions will outline the tools required for the process. These may include basics like a screwdriver, hammer, or wrench. However, check carefully if you need any special tools like a furniture or hex key. Make sure you have all the necessary tools at hand before starting with the assembly process. Don’t proceed with alternative tools as they might damage the furniture components or worsen the fit and finish.

Familiarization with Common Assembly Mistakes

Often, common assembly mistakes occur due to rushing through the instructions or lack of attention to detail. Here are a few to avoid while working on your Arhaus Coburn piece:

  1. Not Organizing Your Parts: Before starting, organize all the furniture pieces and hardware to ensure that you have all the required items for assembly. If you’re missing pieces, contact the manufacturer before starting the assembly.
  2. Incorrect Orientation: Pay close attention to the orientation of the parts. Many components may look identically shaped but are subtly different or should be installed in a specific direction.
  3. Overtightening Screws: Tighten all fasteners securely, but avoid overtightening, as it can strip the threads or damage the wood. Once the screw feels snug, stop tightening.
  4. Not Checking for Square: Use a carpenter’s square or measure diagonally between corners to ensure the assembly is square. If you neglect this step, your piece might be unstable or misaligned.

Seeking Help when Necessary

While the assembly process may be a DIY job, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it on your own if you are struggling. Don’t hesitate to phone a friend if you’re unsure about a particular assembly step or need an extra pair of hands. Also, there are professional assembly services available in most areas if you’d rather leave the task to experts. Always remember, it’s preferable to take your time and assemble the furniture correctly rather than rushing and making mistakes.

Image of assembly instructions with tools and furniture components

Practical Assembly

Preparation for Assembly

Understanding the instructions before you start is critical to a smooth assembly. Open the packaging and locate the assembly instruction manual. Read through the instructions carefully to understand the sequence of steps. Make sure all parts and hardware are included in the package and identify them according to the manual. Familiarize yourself with the tools required for assembly, usually a set of wrenches, a screwdriver, and sometimes a hammer.

Assembling the Arhaus Coburn Furniture

Start with the base or frame of the furniture such as a table-leg, bed-frame, or sofa-arm. Typically, larger pieces like these provide the essential structure to which the smaller parts are attached. Ensure that the base or frame is put together securely before moving to the next step.

Attaching Additional Pieces

Next, move on to the other pieces. This could include the tabletop, seat cushion, or headboard, depending on the piece of furniture you’re assembling. Make sure each part fits perfectly into its appropriate place and secure it with the specified hardware.

Tightening Bolts and Screws

Once each piece has been placed and loosely fastened, go back around and fully tighten all bolts and screws. This will ensure that the furniture is stable and secure.

Attaching Finishing Touches

After the main parts have been assembled, attach the finishing accessories like knobs and handles. These smaller parts are typically added last, as they often don’t contribute to the structural integrity of the furniture and are thus less integral to the main assembly process.

Checking the Final Product

Look over each part of the assembly and cross-check with the manual. Make sure every step has been completed and every part is secure.

Remember, always follow the instructions in the assembly guide that comes with your Arhaus Coburn furniture and be sure to use the correct tools for each step. Patience and careful following of the instructions will result with a correctly assembled, beautiful piece of Arhaus Coburn furniture.

A person reading assembly instructions before starting the furniture assembly process.

Arhaus’s Coburn model adds substantial value, aesthetics, and comfort to any home. However, these benefits can only be enjoyed to their maximum extent when the furniture is properly assembled and taken care of. This process commences from learning about the distinct features of the product, familiarizing oneself with Arhaus’s delivery parameters, and culminating at the precise following of assembly instructions. It is an enriching process that goes beyond merely owning a piece of furniture – it’s about partaking in the creative journey that each Arhaus’s piece embodies.

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