Styling Your Living Room with Arhaus Coburn Collection

Unparalleled Comfort

As you embark on the journey to create a living space that is not just functional but also aesthetically pleasing, the Arhaus Coburn collection offers an array of fine furnishings that can elevate any setting with a touch of elegance. Known for its meticulous craftsmanship and enduring designs, this collection blends seamlessly into diverse interiors while adding a distinctive character. In this guide, we delve deep into understanding this collection, its versatile range of products, coordination tactics, complementing accessories, and effective maintenance tips to retain the grandeur over the years.

Understanding the Arhaus Coburn Collection

Arhaus Coburn Collection: Sophistication meets Comfort.

Delving into the Arhuas Coburn living room setup, the collection is a quintessential blend of modern sophistication and timeless comfort for the living space. Crafted with hardy materials like kiln-dried hardwood, the Coburn collection boasts durability, sturdiness, and reliability, ensuring the furniture stands the test of time and meets varying household needs.

Materials in Use: Kiln-dried Hardwood and Tailored Upholstery.

The Arhaus Coburn living room setup exclusively uses kiln-dried hardwood for the entire collection. The use of kiln-dried hardwood contributes to the robustness of the furniture pieces, reducing the potential for cracking or warping under different temperature conditions. The collection also features tailored upholstery. Clients can choose from a variety of fabric and leather options to personalize their living room setup. Each piece is generously padded and decorated with quality fabrics, ensuring both style and comfort.

Design Ethos: Customizability and Timeless Comfort.

Arhaus Coburn’s design ethos focuses on infusing modern sophistication with timeless comfort. The furniture pieces sport sleek, clean lines and neutral tones, making them suitable for various living room interiors. However, customizability is an integral aspect of the Arhaus Coburn collection. Clients can essentially customize the pieces – from the type of fabric covering to the color – allowing them to create a living room that perfectly mirrors their personal style and meets their comfort preferences.

An Overview of the Arhaus Coburn Collection

The Arhaus Coburn Collection presents an expansive range of furniture pieces, perfectly designed to fulfill any living room requirements. This impressive array comprises spacious sectionals, cozy chairs, modern ottomans, and sturdy tables. Highlighting the collection are the Coburn six-piece pit sectional and the Coburn three-piece sectional with chaise, ideal for both family relaxation and entertaining guests. Complementary accent pieces such as the Coburn cocktail ottoman and the Coburn end table offer a complete living room setup. Furthermore, each piece in the collection is available in a variety of fabric and leather options to match differing aesthetic tastes.

Image showcasing the Arhaus Coburn Collection, depicting sophisticated and comfortable furniture for the living room setup

How to Coordinate Arhaus Coburn Pieces

Exploring the Arhaus Coburn Collection Further

The Arhaus Coburn Collection stakes a claim to popularity with its offerings that are carefully curated to foster a welcoming, yet classy ambiance. The selection encompasses a diverse mix of sofas, sectionals, ottomans, and side tables that can be tastefully paired to create a harmoniously coordinated living room. Each piece from the collection radiates a style that is simultaneously minimalist and chic.

Coburn Six-Piece Sectional with Chaise

One of the mainstay products from this collection is the Coburn Six-Piece Sectional with Chaise. Made from luxurious fabric, this piece is perfect to build your room around. Its modular design facilitates arranging it in multiple configurations. For a minimalist setup, this piece alone, accompanied by a standout lamp or an art piece, can make a statement.

Coburn Upholstered 37″ Chair

For those looking to create an intimate corner in their living room setup, the Coburn Upholstered 37″ Chair serves as an excellent addition. It pairs perfectly with the sectional, but also stands out as a solitary piece. The chair provides an added layer of comfort with its deep, luxuriously cushioned seating.

Coburn Upholstered 90″ Sofa

Expanding the set-up to include the Coburn Upholstered 90″ Sofa provides an inclusive, rather than individualized, sitting arrangement. It can accommodate more guests for gatherings without compromising the harmonious look provided by the rest of the Coburn pieces.

Coburn Upholstered 37″ Ottoman

The Coburn Upholstered 37″ Ottoman complements both the chair and the sofa. This piece works wonderfully either as a footrest or an additional seating option. In a more filled setup, this ottoman along with a sleek, modern coffee table can break the linear arrangement and provide texture to the setup.

Coburn Upholstered 90″ Four Piece & Ottoman Sectional

For a living room with abundant space, the Coburn Upholstered 90″ Four Piece & Ottoman Sectional can be a game-changer. It adds a high level of comfort and sophistication, creating a warm, inviting environment.

Styling with Accessories

Complementing the Coburn collection with appropriate accessories can enhance the overall living room setup. Consider infusing some softness with patterned rugs and throw pillows. Mixing different textures and materials, like adding a wooden coffee table or metal lamp fixtures, can bring out the beauty of the Coburn pieces.

Color coordination with Coburn collection

The Coburn Collection pieces come in neutral shades, making it easy to match them with different color schemes. Whether you favor bold, rich colors, or subtle, light tones, these pieces will complement your choice and add depth to your overall decor.

Explore the endless possibilities that the Arhaus Coburn Collection offers for creating a tastefully designed and comfortable living space. By choosing from an array of distinct pieces, a harmonious color palette, and the perfect accessories, you can easily craft a living room that ranges from minimalist chic to lavishly layered.

A beautiful living room setup with the Arhaus Coburn Collection, featuring a sectional sofa, chair, ottoman, and accessories.

Complementing Arhaus Coburn with Accessories

Crafting a Well-Stylized Living Room: Enhance the Arhaus Coburn Collection with Complementary Accessories

To curate a welcoming and cohesive living space using the Arhaus Coburn Collection, you have a plethora of accessories at your disposal. Lighting, such as table lamps with a ceramic or metallic base, can add a hint of warmth and elegance that aligns beautifully with the collection’s sophisticated aesthetic. If your room could use a touch more illumination, a standing floor lamp not only provides the necessary light but also serves as an imposing visual element.

Adding Softness and Color with Textiles: Pillows and Throws

Pillows and throws can add softness and texture to the sleek lines and clean design of the Arhaus Coburn furniture. Since the collection centers on neutral-toned furniture, like the Coburn sofa or sectional in light grey or cream, a variety of vibrant colors can be incorporated from the textile accessories. On the other hand, if you prefer a monochromatic look, stick to shades of grey, white, and black for a contemporary and upscale feel.

An essential tip in accessory placement is to maintain visual balance. For example, you could place a trio of pillows at one end of the sofa, and a single pillow at the other. A plush throw folded neatly on an arm or casually draped across the back of the sofa creates a layer of visual interest.

Incorporating Large-scale elements: Wall Art and Rugs

To complete your living room setup, considering adding wall art and rugs are crucial steps. Pieces of wall art can accentuate your room’s aesthetic, providing color and personality. Abstract prints, family photos, or industrial-style mirrors can all work beautifully with Arhaus Coburn’s modern design. Arranging smaller pieces in a gallery wall format balances larger furniture pieces.

As for rugs, they help break up a room’s monotone flooring and provide a plush underfoot feeling. Choose a rug in a size that fits your entire seating area, grounding the space and unifying the scheme. As with pillows and throws, you can choose a rug that either contrasts with or complements the color scheme of your living room.

Taking Advantage of Color Schemes

The choice of color scheme while accessorizing should be cohesive with the Arhaus Coburn collection. If you’re drawn towards warm, earthy hues, think of accessories in shades of terracotta, ochre and olive green. For those inclined towards cooler tones, consider colors like sea blue, sage green, or lavender. These accessories will pair well with the neutral-toned upholstery of the Coburn collection, enhancing rather than distracting from its elegance.

Creating an inviting and personalized ambience within your Arhaus Coburn living room setup can be achieved through a balanced use of colour, texture, and scale. By accessorizing with carefully selected items, the inherent beauty and sophistication of the Coburn collection can indeed come to life, truly resonating with your distinct aesthetic preferences.

Image of a well-styled living room with the Arhaus Coburn collection, showcasing the accessories mentioned in the text for a visually appealing design.

Maintenance Tips for Arhaus Coburn Collection

Getting to Know Your Arhaus Coburn Collection: Furniture Maintenance

Arhaus is renowned for their tasteful yet practical furniture designs, which are constructed with both sustainability and durability in mind. Their Coburn collection, a range of living room furniture characterised by robust, natural tones and textures, perfectly exemplifies this ethos. Furnished with high-density foam, down-filled cushions, and stout, solid wood frames, every piece in this collection is built to resist wear and tear over time.

Regular Cleaning Suggestions

Keeping any Arhaus Coburn furniture clean can be an easy and routine task if done on a regular schedule. Regular vacuuming can help prevent dirt and dust from settling into the fabric of sofas and chairs. Wiping down any exposed wood areas with a dry or slightly damp cloth can also help maintain the piece’s luster.

Always avoid harsh or aerosol cleaners as they can cause damage to both fabric and wood. Instead, opt for gentle, proprietary furniture cleaners. Arhaus recommends their own fabric and wood care products, which are specifically designed not to harm the custom finishes of their furniture.

Mitigating and Repairing Minor Damage

Despite best efforts, life happens and minor damages may occur. For superficial scratches on wood parts, a touch-up marker can be used. For deeper scratches that penetrate the finish, it’s recommended to consult professional repair services to prevent any further damage.

If your furniture from the Arhaus Coburn collection includes upholstered pieces, handle any minor fabric damages with care. Small snags can usually be fixed by gently snipping the loose thread with a pair of sharp scissors, but avoid pulling it out, as it can cause a bigger hole or tear. Should spills occur, clean them up immediately with a damp cloth. Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners as they can ruin the fabric or discolor it.

Preserving Aesthetics: Rotation and Positioning

To ensure even wear and longevity of your Arhaus Coburn furniture, consider rotating your cushions and flipping them over every few weeks. This can help to maintain the shape and avoid any indentation.

Positioning your furniture away from the direct sunlight can prevent unnecessary fading or discoloration of fabric and wood. Similarly, keep your furniture away from heat sources such as radiators or fireplaces, as extreme temperatures can cause damage over time.

By maintaining a regular cleaning routine, swiftly addressing any minor damages, and sensitive placement of these pieces, your Arhaus Coburn collection is sure to retain its natural charm for years to come.

An image showing the maintenance of Arhaus Coburn furniture.

In amalgamation, creating an appealing living space with the Arhaus Coburn collection offers a unique opportunity to infuse your home with both style and comfort. Pairing these pieces with well-selected accessories can enhance their beauty, further establishing a harmonious and luxurious ambiance. Moreover, proper maintenance will ensure these pieces retain their charm, becoming favorite mainstays in your home. Ultimately, whether you’re an interior design enthusiast or a novice, understanding the true essence of the Arhaus Coburn collection can help you curate a living space that is inviting, comfortable, and unmistakably yours.

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