Does Bed Base Make a Difference? [Best Answer]

Does Bed Base Make a Difference

If you plan on purchasing a new mattress in the near future, one question that may really pop up in your mind is — Dose a bed base make a difference?

The simple answer is “Yes”. Bed bases make a difference in your sleep, so it is important to understand that a mattress and bed base work together to provide you with support.

In this article, we will break down how your bed works,  and also show you some actionable steps towards finding the best bed base for you and your family.

Does bed base make a difference?

Yes, it does! There are two major components to any healthy sleep environment. The firmness or softness of the mattress, and the alignment and support from the bed base or foundation.

So, when you’re buying a bed frame, it’s critical to remember that the bed foundation – the bed base – has just as much of an effect on how comfortable and durable your mattress would be.

Some types of bed bases are better suited to some types of mattresses, and poor-quality bed bases can be detrimental to your mattress.

Most importantly, if you don’t match up your new mattress with the most suitable foundation or bed frame, then you will really limit the benefits that your mattress can give you.

How does the bed base work?

A bed base, more commonly referred to as a bed frame, consists of a structure to which you attach your mattress—this can either be 4 corner legs or a ‘box spring’ consisting of wood slats (also called ‘slat frames’) and are designed to give your mattress quality support.

How long does a bed base last?

bed base

Beds are essential pieces of furniture. They’re where we spend about a third of our lives, which is why we should make sure to have a comfortable one. If you’ve been thinking about getting a new bed base, or just want to know how long a bed foundation will last, here is the short answer.

A good quality frame will be made with steel or solid wood and should last about 15 – 20 years, depending on how well you maintain the bed foundation.

Do I need to change my bed base?

If you slept on your bed 15-20 years ago, chances are it’s time for an upgrade. While the prospect of buying a new mattress may frighten you, replacing your existing bed base can be a simple DIY process.

Here are a few signs that should alert you of the need to replace your bed frame.

  • The mattress doesn’t sit right, thereby resulting in a sink.
  • There is a Split or cracks in the base.
  • It no longer fits the design of your Bedroom.
  • The screws that hold up the base have bent or other Hardware Issues.
  • Your bed constantly gives you a bad Night’s Sleep or your bed is simply too noisy even after a few repairs.

How to buy a bed frame

How to buy a bed frame

A bed frame can do more than just frame your mattress. Bed frames make great pieces of furniture that can complement your room’s décor. They also can add visual interest and storage space, while they last many years longer than mattresses.

The following tips will help you choose the perfect bed foundation for your bed.

A bed frame can do more than just frame your mattress. Bed frames make great pieces of furniture that can complement your room’s decor. They also can add visual interest and storage space, while they last many years longer than mattresses.

The following tips will help you choose the perfect bed foundation for your bed.

1. Pay attention to the height and length of your bed frame

The size of your mattress is probably the first thing that comes to mind when shopping for a bed frame. But you’ll want to consider the overall size of your frame as well. The height of the frame can impact both the aesthetic and functionality of your room, particularly in small spaces. If you have low ceilings, choose a low-profile platform bed or a metal canopy bed with thin four-poster posts. You’ll also want to consider how much space there will be between your mattress and the bottom of your headboard or footboard (if you opt for one).

For larger bedrooms, you can go big with an oversized bed frame — just make sure it doesn’t overpower the rest of the room. A high tufted headboard can create a dramatic focal point in large rooms, while a sleigh bed can add elegance and charm.

2. Consider the style of your bedroom decor

Whether modern, mid-century, or traditional, every bedroom has its own style that should be reflected in your furniture choices. Pick a sleek platform bed if you prefer a clean look. Platform beds are also great for creating extra storage space by using an under-the-bed draw.

3. Consider your mattress

When picking a bed frame, it’s important to consider what type of mattress you want to use. Standard mattresses are designed to fit standard size frames, but if you’re looking to go with something more unique like a futon or a daybed, make sure it will fit the size and style of frame you have in mind for your bedroom.

4. Consider storage options

Many modern bed frames offer built-in shelves or drawers underneath the platform for extra storage space — perfect for storing extra blankets and pillows. If under-the-bed storage isn’t something that interests you, there are still plenty of options out there, from simple slats to elaborate four-posters that can make a statement in any room.

3. Consider your type of base

Lastly, you should decide which type of bed frame you want —an under-bed frame or one which sits within a headboard. Under-bed frames are very popular in modern bedrooms as they allow maximum space for other furniture and are easy to clean underneath. Read more here to find out which type of bed base is best for you.

Why does my bed base creak?

Most times, your bed frame will creak as a result of loose nuts or bolts, and could also be a problem with the wood itself, either way, there are several easy fixes that might help, and some fixes don’t even require the use of tools.

How to fix a squeaky bed frame?

Squeaky beds are not only unpleasant to listen to, but can be distracting and a little unnerving. While it can sometimes be too late to stop a bed from squeaking, there are several at-home fixes that might help.

Here are a few steps you need to fix your squeaky bed base!

  • Identify the source of the noise— [check the mattress itself, the box spring, or the bed frame/foundation]
  • Look for loose joints and tighten them.
  • Lubricate joints.
  • Cushion the frame.
  • Place furniture pads on the legs of the bed frame, this will reduce noise between the frame and the floor.
  • Reduce wobbliness by making sure that your bed is even with the floor.
  • Add extra padding underneath specific legs where necessary.
  • If the bed frame has wheels, use caster cups to reduce movement and noise.
  • Locate areas where there is direct contact between woods and apply a thin layer of beeswax or candle wax.

What mattress is best for a solid base?

What mattress is best for a solid base?

There are a number of different factors to consider when purchasing a mattress for use with a solid base. Most people opt for memory foam mattresses as their ideal mattress to place on top of a solid base because of the comfort a solid base mattress provides.

However, if you are considering buying a memory foam mattress, there are a number of key points to take into account.

Memory foam mattresses are more suited to heavier individuals than other types of mattresses; they offer greater support while simultaneously being hard-wearing, but they can become hot and uncomfortable due to their density.

How long does a sprung bed base last?

Most sprung bed bases come with a heavy-duty frame, but you can expect the same life expectancy as a regular bed frame [7-10 yrs]. The reason is that the coil count greatly affects the life expectancy of any mattress. Bed frames are also not designed to support much weight, as they are meant to take the load carried by mattresses.

How do I know if my mattress is worn out?

Knowing when to replace your mattress is a subjective decision that may involve several factors, however, a few things could help you figure out whether your mattress is worn out.

Here are a few things that will help you:

  • Do you still sleep well on your mattress?
  • Do you feel your partner’s movements at night more than usual?
  • Have you noticed an increase in allergies or asthma symptoms?
  • Is your mattress unsupportive?
  • Do you often have aches and pains when you rose from your mattress?
  • Do you get comfortable and toss all night?
  • Is your mattress 7years?
  • Do you feel more relaxed each time you sleep at hotels or with friends and family?
  • Does your mattress appear saggy?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, it’s probably time to replace your mattress. On the other hand, If your mattress provides you that comfort, perhaps you can still use it for a few more years.

Final thought!

If you just bought a new bed base, and you’re wondering if it actually makes a difference. The answer to that question is YES!

A good bed base is one of the most important components in achieving your desired comfort. And not only will it improve the quality of sleep you get, but rather it will also help your energy levels and overall health.

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